Popcorn Days: First PAC popcorn day is Friday, October 4th

Popcorn Days are back!  The PAC will no longer be using punch cards, so students will need to bring a loonie on Popcorn Days.  Typically the PAC will do popcorn days every second Friday at lunch time.  Often juice boxes and chips are sold too, but students are only allowed to purchase 2 items.  Please review with your child how to keep money safe in his or her backpack, and they should not share this information with other students.  Some Primary teachers may collect the funds, but this may not happen in all classrooms.  If your child brings a loonie, loses it, tell them to come to the office and tell Mr. Hunter or Mrs. Pitt or Ms. Walters and we will ensure they get popcorn and call you to confirm.  Parents can then do an IOU.