School Goal 2021-2022

2021-2022 Goal Statement:

At Morley for the 2021-2022 school-year we are going to continue our land-based learning and connections to Indigenous Perspectives and Worldviews in all classrooms K-7.

  • All staff and students will deepen and expand their land-based learning. Classes (students/staff) will begin by addressing the question: “What is a community, how am I part of a community, what role do I play in a community?”  Through Indigenous stories, knowledge keepers, and/or exploring Indigenous science concepts, we want to learn about good relational living and develop our communities respect for plants, animals, places, and value the behaviours that each generation must learn in order to maintain a reciprocal relationship within the natural world.  By June, all members of our school community will be able to communicate a self-assessment (orally, visually, and/or in written form) on what types of communities there are, how they are part of a community or communities, and what roles they play or can play to demonstrate good relational living.