Code of Conduct

Safe, Welcome and Responsible

Our Morley motto of “Safe, Welcome and Responsible” forms the basis of expectations for students. Instead of a long list of rules, we just need to ask, “Is what we/you are doing safe, welcome and responsible?” We take pride in a school where: students are safe emotionally and physically, where everyone is welcome and included and where each student acts responsibly so that they and others are safe and welcome and that each person works hard to learn about athletics, fine arts and academics.

 Morley Student Code Of Conduct

The Morley Elementary School Code of Conduct is intended to develop a positive and safe learning environment at school.  Our students are encouraged to develop self-reliance, self-respect, and self-discipline.  As these qualities develop, not only will they enhance the formal learning process in the school, but students will acquire attitudes and values which will be of lasting significance throughout their lives.

It is recognized that in order to develop self-discipline in our students and appropriate behaviour from them while at school, the following elements are necessary:

  • consistency
  • fairness
  • respect
  • awareness of the correct procedures
  • awareness of expectations

This Code of Conduct reflects and is consistent with the District Code of Conduct.  The regulations in these codes apply to students whenever they are on the school grounds, while they are engaged in any school sponsored or organized activities, and while traveling to school and returning home from school.