Principal’s Message

Welcome to Morley Elementary School’s Website! 

We hope that you will check in here often as we will post important upcoming events, and information that will allow you to become an informed member of our community.  I am very excited to be a member of this community and contributing to developing Morley’s motto of being SAFE, WELCOME, and RESPONSIBLE.

To be safe, we need to think about the consequences of our actions and be aware of our surroundings and our personal limits.  We need to ensure we understand the expectations in our classrooms, in our school building, in our playgrounds and parking lots, and when travelling to and from school.  The staff at Morley will work towards helping all students learn and practice these expectations so that we can all be successful in being safe.

To welcome, we acknowledge, embrace and celebrate our diversity.  We greet others with smiles, waves and hellos.  We help others who may be new to our community, or visiting our school.  We learn about our differences and we embrace our commonality.  We have an excellent and supportive non-enrolling staff to help children and families who are new to the country.  We provide information and we seek to ask and/or answer questions.  We think about the legacy that we want to leave behind at Morley school, and how we can contribute to making it a welcoming place to be.

To be responsible, we develop a personal code of conduct.  We are aware of all the people who love and care for us, and who have high expectations for us, so we work on setting and achieving goals and trying our very best.  Yet, we are not responsible to only please others; we are responsible because we want to develop into our “best self”.  Whether that is learning to become more prepared and organized, packing our own backpack and making sure our parents get important forms, ensuring we complete our homework and work hard on our academics, reading everyday, attending extra-curricular activities on time, being role models for others, or even just helping around the house and doing chores to contribute to the well-being of our families.  Responsibility is also taking ownership when we make mistakes, or hurt another person, or when we are angry and upset, and we work to fix the problem or ensure that we calm our bodies and minds so that we can return to being our best self and solve our problem peacefully.

Parents and guardians, we hope that you can find time to come to the school and see our community in action!  Attend a PAC meeting, volunteer for even a few hours in the classroom, or during the many PAC sponsored events, attend a teacher meeting, a student-led event, or even a sporting event because working together in supporting our students, we can achieve much more.  We will communicate all of these opportunities on this website, or in newsletters sent home and we hope that you find opportunities to be part of your child’s school experience.

If you would like additional information beyond what is available on this website, please contact me via email, phone or in person. I look forward to meeting with you.

Mrs. Lisa Pitt

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